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Polycultures are hot. But how do we design a permaculture roots, rhizomes, and tuber guild that A) doesn’t compete with itself for space and resources, B) doesn’t disturb the roots of our medium and long-term perennials, and C) actually produces a useful food crop?

I suggest a new polyculture design that combines achira (AKA Queensland arrowroot, indian shot, Canna edulis, Canna indica, and Canna discolor), runner beans (AKA scarlet runners and Phaseolus coccineus), and Florida betony (AKA rattle snake weed and Stachys floridana) whose unique growth growth patterns may allow them to coexist peacefully and produce a permaculture abundance.

This permaculture roots, rhizomes, and tuber guild is the feature of Thursday’s video where I discuss the permaculture design principles at work in this polyculture. I talk about why this design might under perform and steps I’m taking to ensure that it doesn’t. And I estimate the yields for this relatively small planting which may produce 10% or more of my annual caloric needs, making it a powerhouse of food production.

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